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7FIG OverView:
7FIG is a new app reveals A Counterintuitive Approach That Adds 100 to 300 Customers Into Your Mailing List Without Traditional, Boring, Lead Magnet, Optin Pages And Slow Traffic Method


FE – 7FIG – 19.5$

  • The 7Fig System allowed me to get rid of 99% of all the BS that I hated when it comes to “affiliate marketing”
  • It allowed me to get rid of all the “upsells” and “one time offers” that always end up costing me a lot more money than I ever make back…
  • It allowed me to get rid of all the “guru” methods that don't work, (I unsubscribed 100s email lists of coaches and “gurus” who's methods never worked for me)…
  • It allowed me to get rid of all the “hype” and “fluff” that always seems to be more focused on making the guru selling the product rich, rather than helping me get results…
  • It allowed me to get rid of all the “push-button” solutions (I bought dozens of software tools that were supposed to help me “automate my business” but never did)…
  • It allowed me to get rid of all the “secret methods” and “black hat” strategies (I tried a lot of shady stuff that I'm not proud of, in an attempt to get buyers)…
  • It allowed me to get rid of all the “trial and error” (I wasted years of my life trying to figure out what works and what doesn't)…
  • It allowed me to get rid of all the “hope” that things will somehow “work out” (I was always hoping that the “next method” will be the one that finally makes me money)…

OTO1 – 7FIG Professional – 47$

  • Automatic Blogging: 7Fig App Builds a complete blog from just a “seed” word. No wordpress, no site, no hosting server, no typing, no writing required.
  • Automatic Premium Content: Generate content from youtube video transcripts. Never pay for content again.
  • Automatic Lead Magnet: Offers PDF of the post as lead magnet at no extra time, cost and effort. Never worry about creating lead magnet.
  • Built in Lead Generation System: Generate Form and Capture emails in exchange of the lead magnet pdf. No more boring optin form or optin pages.
  • Warm Referral Traffic FOR FREE: Get referral traffic with Reward For Referral system. Never pay content traffic again.
  • Affiliate Commission: Automatically sell amazon and clickbank affiliate offers. No need to worry about approval.

OTO2 – 7FIG Unlimited – 297$

  • $500 TO $1,000 Commission Instead of $7 to $70 Commission
  • More Money – ​You Can Have 30 Sites Instead of 1 Sites
  • Google Ranking and Traffic – Premium Search Engine Optimization Features
  • Private Cloud Software – 99X More Traffic Instead of Depending on 1 Traffic Source
  • Personal Branding – Custom Domain
  • Load Faster – Your Sites Will Be In Lightning Fast Server
  • Fast Commissions – Faster Loading Contents and Affiliate Links
  • Build List Faster – Faster Loading Optin Forms
  • Build Trust – Faster Lead Magnet Delivery
  • Speed and Trust Generate More Sales and Commissions

OTO3 – 7FIG Template Club – 97$

  • Unlock The Unlimited Edition – $9,997 Value
  • Unlock 1000x More Free Traffic – $9,997 Value
  • Unlock 50X The Speed – $2,997 Value
  • Unlock The ‘Unlimited' Tutorials – $997 Value
  • $1,000 Guarantee – $1,000 Value
  • Unlock 3 Exclusive Bonuses – $9,991 Value
  • Unlock V.I.P Support – $9,991 Value
  • No Monthly Fees Ever…
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee…
  • PLUS: How 7FIG Makes Us $500 A Day

OTO4 – 7FIG Agency – 47$

  • We'll do the setup for you
  • We'll select the most profitable niche for you
  • We'll add profitable product for you
  • We'll do the SEO optimization for ranking for you
  • We'll monetize your site
  • We'll help you build and grow your list by adding optin forms for you
  • We'll put in dozens of hours of work to make sure you succeed with 7FIG
  • We'll provide exclusive, fast support for you

OTO5 – 7FIG Reseller – 167$

  • Free access to a new product every single month.
  • Instant approval to my products
  • 100% commissions on the entire funnel of a new product every month.
  • Private success training by me every twice a month
  • Access to the GoldMiners club Facebook mastermind
  • And access to our live Q&A session.

OTO6 – 7FIG Reseller – 167$

  • Find Leads/Emails/Phone Numbers With One Push Button
  • Proven Cold Calling Templates
  • Contact Via Email/SMS/WhatsApp
  • Sell Your Product and Service At Any Price
  • Proven To Work Cold Email Template
  • BONUS: Email Autoresponder

OTO7 – 7FIG Reseller – 167$

  • 1-Click AutoPilot Viral Traffic…
  • Early Users Seeing Insane Results…
  • Attain Financial Peace Of Mind…
  • No Tech Skills & No Extra Costs…
  • Quit Your Job, Travel & Be Free…
  • Free Gift Our $500/Day CB Site…
  • Plus Get Results Or Get Paid $500!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee…

OTO8 – 7FIG Reseller – 167$

  • You also get my proven sales pages, sales videos and comprehensive marketing materials! – $1,997 Value
  • I Am Releasing The Rights To Let YOU Sell 7FIG And Keep 100% Of The Profits! – $1,997 Value
  • You get a quality product that people NEED and WANT – $4,997 Value
  • You Can Sell It And Keep ALL The Profits! – $2,997 Value
  • 2 PREMIUM BONUSES – $194 Value

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  • SPECIAL BONUS 1 – MultiNetwork Poster
  • SPECIAL BONUS 2 – ContentLynk
  • SPECIAL BONUS 3 – AK Booster Pro
  • SPECIAL BONUS 4 – FB MultiPoster
  • SPECIAL BONUS 5 – GramHood
  • SPECIAL BONUS 6 – Serp Scribe
  • SPECIAL BONUS 7 – RankMe
  • SPECIAL BONUS 8 – RankMe

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