Saturday , September 30 2023
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BLOX 2.0 + OTOs


BLOX 2.0 OverView:

BLOX 2.0 is a fully tested, totally unique, complete affiliate system… based on over 5 years of use, with $1000s in corroborated (verified) proof. Nothing else works like BLOX… I.e.

With BLOX we can (and we do) generate affiliate income (commission) from digital products without needing to promote the products… We have the results to prove it works, and your customers can do this too.


FE – BLOX 2.0 – $23

  • Instant access to the platform.
  • The complete ‘Proven to be Profitable’ system.
  • Video & documented step by step instructions (created by us & not outsourced)
  • Blox core (step by step instructions).
  • Blox Pitch Systems (step by step instructions).
  • Multiple BLOX Pitch Systems.
  • Using Pitch Systems to get prospects into the system.
  • Split Pitch System (Created for beginners, tested & proven).
  • How we use to target and make money from other peoples digital products without promoting them.
  • Quick Start (step by step instructions)
  • Option to have everything created for you & ready to use.
  • Working examples, case studies, and actual results showing verified income.
  • You get: A totally unique ‘evergreen’ system, developed, supported & used by us.
  • You get: Everything you need, to copy, and do what we do… with nothing left out.
  • You get: Peace of mind… If you decide to use you can do so in the knowledge that it’s already been thoroughly tested, and used to make 1000s of dollars.
  • Bonus (launch week only): It Free instruction system (FIS), including verified results (see below)…

OTO1 – Blox Income Maximiser – $37

  • Additional add-on evergreen system including $894.69 proof from one of our working systems.
  • The criteria we use to determine whether to set up The BLOX Evergreen Reverse System for a product, or not.
  • How we create Evergreen Reverse systems that pay us on an ongoing, evergreen ‘Passive’ basis.
  • Verifiable proof, I.E. the actual product we targeted in our $894.69 example, and the results, so customers can see (and check) this works before they start.

OTO2 – Blox Ready Made Systems – $37/m

  • Pre-built & rebrandable: Magnets
  • Pre-built & rebrandable:Magnet access pages
  • Embedded Access page videos
  • Pre-built & rebrandable: Flip pages
  • Flip page target product editing (unlimited)
  • Pre-built & rebrandable: Account creation pages
  • Pre-built & rebrandable: Account creation thank you pages
  • Copy & Paste links
  • Copy & Paste fully formatted delivery email
  • 6 pre-built & rebrandable: pitch systems (including Split Pitch)
  • Default branding (use as they are)
  • Step 1 ‘rebrand everything’ option (change name, & look etc)
  • Autoresponder integration
  • System by system list integration
  • Edit systems as often as you wish (unlimited)
  • Everything hosted
  • Guaranteed approval to target / promote
  • Full video instructions for everything
  • Full instant access
  • Customer can use as often as they wish, no limits

OTO3 – Blox List In Days – $47

  • Full Lead 2 Asset System (L2A)
  • Full L2A step by step video instructions
  • How we get lots of subscribers to pay us when they join our list.
  • Full L2A case study from scratch
  • Full Free Offer System (FOS)
  • Full FOS step by step video instructions
  • How we get lots of subscribers to pay us when they join our list.
  • Full FOS case study from scratch
  • $0.00200 per/click Instant traffic source (E.G $5 for 2500 views)

OTO4 – Blox Agency – $147

  • Guaranteed Approval to promote
  • Automatic approval to promote / make money from all BLOX funnel products
  • Automatically applied higher commission rates I.e. 80% on 1 time payment product (instead of 50%) & 60% on all recurring products (instead of 30%)
  • Zero limits, time frames, caps – Agency customers can continue to target & profit  for as long as they wish.
  • Zero re-bills, or payments.
  • Instructions on integrating your agency link
  • Use with the System… Either a system created by the customer, or with BLOX Ready Made Systems (RMS).

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