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Covert Suite + OTOs

Covert Suite OTO 1: There are 1 front end options and 1 OTOs. The 1st is Covert Suite Pro. This product is by FireLaunchers. All info and links here >>>

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Front End :
=>> Covert Suite

OTO 1 (Pro):
=>> Covert Suite OTO 1


Covert Shirt Store

There are several reasons why Covert Shirt Store converts and sells as well it does.The custom t-shirt nice is obviously still very hot, and most people in internet marketing would love to give it a go. But the fact is that designing a t-shirt and then spending money on Facebook ads to promote, scares the majority of your subscribers to death!.

Covert Shirt Store gives everyone a chance to get involved with the custom t-shirt niche… pros to complete beginners alike.

Covert Video Press V3

Covert Video Press 3.0 is a tube theme for Wordpress. And it allows you to build unlimited highly optimised video tube site. And it integrates with Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe etc. so you can fill your site with videos without ever having to record a single video yourself!

The new version of the theme has gotten a complete overhaul and we have added tons of new exciting features.

Covert Social Press

Convert Social press 2.0 will let you run own fully fledge social network and social bookmarking site on WP, it looks like a million bucks right out of the “box” and comes with a ton of one click customization options to make it your own.

Users can create an account so they can bookmark stuff on your site, and vote other stuff up and down. Comes with bookmarking applets and social media buttons you can get other people to put on their sites & thus have them build your content for you.

Covert Curator

We noticed the popularity of curator sites like Food Gawker. They have created an empire of niche authority sites where their members curate great content for them. We also noticed that a lot of internet marketers we desperately searching for a theme that could replicate this success.

Covert Curator makes it super easy for people to build great looking authority site and with just a few clicks they curate and fill it with a lot of great content.

Covert Shirt Builder

Covert Shirt Builder is a super simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress plugin that designed to work with your Covert Shirt Store theme there is no fiddling with templates, css or any techy stuff – it works right out of the box!.

With just a few clicks, this plugin will automatically pull in great t-shirt ideas, quotes and images from Google, SearchQuotes, IMDB, Urban Dictionary & more…And with our point and click t-shirt builder you can quickly turn these into “ready to sell shirts” that you can post to your account and your own Covert Shirt Stores with a single click!

Covert Video Content V3

Who has the time to create video posts and content for your Covert Video Press blogs? The answer would be nobody! And that's why we decided to come up with a solution for you.

With just a few clicks, this plugin will automatically pull in videos from Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and Vimeo… Adding hands-free videos and posts to your site – even including the original comments of you want to.

Covert Social Content

With just a few clicks, this plugin will automatically pull in quality content from RSS Feeds, Google Blog Search & Google News… Adding hands-free posts to your Social Press sites 24/7 – making them just as active as the big social sites!

We have designed the plugin to be as easy and fast to use as possible and since it has been designed to work specifically with the Covert Social Press theme, the posts it produces will always look great on your “Social Press blog”.

Covert Content Creator

This plugin will automatically pull in quality products and content from Amazon and ANY RSS feed… Adding hands-free posts and products to your Covert Curator sites – making them just as active as the big sites like Food Curator!

It has been designed to work specifically with the Covert Curator theme, so the posts it produces will always look great on your Curator sites.

Covert Geo Targeter

Covert Geo Targeter lets you insert your visitor's location (country, city, state/area and country code) ANYWHERE on a blog – sidebar, post, post title menu, other plugins… you name it, we coded it!

Geo Targeting can be a huge conversion booster… And we have coded this in a super user friendly way – people are going to love it, and they will see instant results when they start using it on their blogs.

Covert Copy Traffic Pro

Did you know that the #1 method of social sharing (by miles) is simply people cutting and pasting your blog content into emails, Facebook, Twitter etc.? And unlike when people use social sharing buttons, you get absolutely no credit when they just cut and paste.

Covert Copy Traffic plugin will automatically append your link and text above or below the copied content from your blog – so when people paste it onto emails, forums, Facebook etc. you get traffic from these links!

Covert Messenger Pro

Covert Messenger generates instant messenger type ads on your blog. This type of ad is the most effective ad you can have on your blog, period!

It uses the familar look of Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp ICQ, AIM, MSN and Yahoo messengers to get attention like nothing else will.

So people will notice these ads and they will click on them making Covert Messenger the most effective ads you can put on any blog!

Covert Context Pro

Covert Context is a WordPress plugin that automatically generates contextual, in-text Amazon ads on any blog and generate Amazon associate revenue.

These ads open up when you hover over the highlighted text, immediately grabbing people attention with highly relevant and targeted offers.

Covert Action Bar 2.0

Everyone hates pop-ups and every single browser out there from Internet Explorer to Fire Fox and Chrome have in-built pop up blockers now (and have had for 10+ years)

Sure there are still pop up ads all over the web – but the savvy advertiser have moved on to using various pop-unders and other stuff that does not get blocked.

Covert Action Bar takes advantage of this and makes it super simple to add bar ads that mimic the pop-up blockers to your blogs.

Boost your results by integrating with your favourite SEO tools…

As you know our previous themes and plugins have all been big hits with tens of thousands of copies sold and well over a million dollars paid out to our affiliates. Now for the fist time we are putting all our best selling Covert Themes and Plugins into one suite for an incredible low price.

Thats a total of 4 THemes and 9 Plugins which on their own these themes and plugins have proven to be best sellers in their own rights, so just imagine how they will sell as a suite.

>>Click Here to get Covert Suite and Your Bonus<<


  • SPECIAL BONUS 1 – MultiNetwork Poster
  • SPECIAL BONUS 2 – ContentLynk
  • SPECIAL BONUS 3 – AK Booster Pro
  • SPECIAL BONUS 4 – FB MultiPoster
  • SPECIAL BONUS 5 – GramHood
  • SPECIAL BONUS 6 – Serp Scribe
  • SPECIAL BONUS 7 – RankMe
  • SPECIAL BONUS 8 – RankMe

Covert Suite

User Friendly - 95%
Training Videos - 94%
Support - 95%
Bonuses - 96%
Recommended - 96%



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