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Spinzign + OTOs

Spinzign OverView:
Spinzign is the World’s 1st Graphic Software that Designs FOR YOU. Every other design app has one big problem–YOU need to make the designs. Yes, they have templates, but you still need to edit them which means you need creativity, a sense of aesthetics, and an understanding of colors. Spinzgin solves that problem because in a few clicks it will design graphics FOR YOU, automatically.

Features of Spinzign

FE – Spinzign – $27

  • Main offer includes unlimited use of Spinzign, 100s of included templates, 1,000s of included visual elements, spin engine to create new designs automatically, resize engine to create 18 sizes of any design automatically, social media posting, and commercial license.

OTO1 – Spinzign MAX – $47

  • MAX upgrade includes 100s more DFY professional graphic design templates in all the hottest niches, international 1-click text translation to 100 languages to dominate worldwide markets, 1,000 more visual elements (shapes, artwork, accents, overlays, stickers, buttons), import 1,000,000s of images from pixabay directly into Spinzign in 1 click, remove image background, frame tool – user can turn any image into round or square and choose what part of image is visible in the shape.

OTO2 – Spinzign VIDEO – $67

  • VIDEO upgrade includes a stop-action video creator and a slideshow video creator so users can showcase their designs in video format and go full multimedia

OTO3 – Spinzign AGENCY – $49

  • AGENCY upgrade includes easy-edit agency website to showcase designs, virtual assistant and team accounts to get others to do the work for you, automatic client-finding software, done-for-you proposals and contracts templates. Multiple social profiles and client social profiles management.

OTO4 – Spinzign RESELLER – $77

  • RESELL upgrade includes reseller license for Spinzign itself. Sell Spinzign and keep 100% of the profit. Includes high-converting marketing materials, sales pages, demo videos, VSLs, and done-for-you support through our support desk.

OTO5 – Spinzign CLICKSPUSH – $177

  • CLICKSPUSH upgrade includes the complete Clickspush software bundle to generate leads automatically and market to them. Includes full access to the software to generate leads, hyper target them, create messages and promos with the built-in message studio, send messages on demand to leads and more. The perfect add-on for any online business because it generates leads automatically.

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