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Eight Webhosting + OTOs

Eight Webhosting + OTOs OverView:
Eight Webhosting is eight years of quality webhosting for less than the price of one. During our launch, your buyers can get eight years of hosting for as little as .9 cents per day — less than a penny! Our top tier frontend hosting product is only 3.3 cents per day!

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Front End (8 Years Webhosting):
=>> Eight Webhosting
OTO 1 (Triple UpFrontend):
=>> Eight Webhosting OTO 1
OTO 2 (Powerup Hosting):
=>> Eight Webhosting OTO 2
OTO 3 (Addons Hosting):
=>> Eight Webhosting OTO 3
OTO 4 (Domain Packages):
=>> Eight Webhosting OTO 4
OTO 5 (Reseller Packages):
=>> Eight Webhosting OTO 5

Main Features

Eight Webhosting Is Packed with GROUND BREAKING Features that makes it a cut above the rest

Two Domain Names Registered For 8 YearsEXCLUSIVE
Your online presence doesn’t stop with web hosting, you will also get a domain name. While other hosting providers charge you extra for this (up to $400 elsewhere.), you will be provided with domains for 8 years with domain privacy with every hosting plan.
Domain Privacy for Two Domain Names for 8 YearsEXCLUSIVE
Don’t let your domain ownership details fall in the hand of scammers and phishers. Scraping the Whois database is the No.1 way scammers and phishers get your private information. Now you don’t have to worry as they will stop these problems happening instantly and protect your privacy.
Premium WordPress Control HubEXCLUSIVE
Well, you can finally get your WordPress management headaches under control even if you need to update a plug-in on 15 different WordPress sites? With this quality webhosting service, you can automate everything and perform bulk updates on all of your WordPress sites from one place.
Complete WordPress Staging like WP Engine and Flywheel
The system allows you to create WordPress staging sites to test and develop against before rolling out your changes to your production WordPress. No more fear of bringing your entire business offline when making a change or theme update or adding a plugin. You can easily test everything in your staging environment and only move it to production when you’re happy with the results.
Host 16 Websites with Unlimited WordPress
At Eight Webhosting, the Gold and Platinum plans allow 4 – 16 websites depending on your needs.
Unlimited Free SSL Certificates
Since 2014 Google has been giving ranking benefits to websites using SSL certificates. Many customers has fallen behind and dropped down in Google because they could not afford to use SSL Certificates at $99.95/year for each domain. Don’t panic! You will get Unlimited Free SSL Certificates for every domain in this offer!
Unmetered Bandwidth
With this product, there are no limits on data transfer. You can grow your traffic as much as you want as fast as you want.
Create Unlimited Email Accounts and Forwarders at Your Domain
Promote your brand with every single email account. You can create unlimited accounts at your domain. Sales, support, admin, billing and more can each have their own email.
Over 450 Web Applications with One-Click Installation
Beyond the complete WordPress Control Hub, you will also receive 450+ web applications that can be installed with a single click. No more database setup required. No more uploading files required. No more configuring php files.
Premium Drag-and-Drop Sitebuilder with 120+ Templates
You can literally build your online business quickly and efficiently with the premium drag-and-drop sitebuilder. No HTML, Javascript or CSS to learn. No uploading hundreds of images and files.
SSD Optimized Storage
Since you need SSD optimized RAID storage for your hosting, they put the Operating System and all MySQL databases on blazing the premium SSD RAID storage.
Deluxe Spam Protection and Malware Protection
With this feature, you can prevent hackers from injecting malware into your account and proactively ensure your site stays online making you money.
sFTP Support to Securely Transfer Files (not hackable FTP)
FTP doesn’t have encryption to keep your username, password and even file contents protected so once a hacker is armed with these details, they have all the information they need to get inside your account and systems, without you even noticing. Let’s securely transfer your files through the HTTPS control panel and through sFTP (secureFTP.)
100% cPanel-Compatible DirectAdmin Control Panel
Well, this company has used and supported DirectAdmin since 2003. When they receive a lot of positive feedbacks from their customers, they decide to integrate it into their service so that you can have better experience.
Make Money with Commercial License Hosting
Do you have clients that need web hosting? With the Commercial License, you can host their site on your hosting account and charge them monthly, yearly or with one-time payment. It’s completely up to you.
24×7 Technical Support by Trained Hosting Staff
Without proper technical support, your webhosting is useless. So they provide you with a responsive technical support team who has been there supporting clients for over 16 years.

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Eight Webhosting Reviews

User Friendly - 9.2
Training Videos - 10
Support - 9.5
Bonuses - 10
Recommended - 9.7


Eight Webhosting is eight years of quality webhosting for less than the price of one. During our launch, your buyers can get eight years of hosting for as little as .9 cents per day -- less than a penny! Our top tier frontend hosting product is only 3.3 cents per day!

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