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Imagify is a tool that allows you to optimize, resize, and restore your website’s images effortlessly. With just one click, you can optimize all your images and reduce their file size without compromising on quality.


FE – Imagify – $99.9/Y

  • Simple and easy interface
  • Optimize and resize your images from a user-friendly interface without worrying about complex settings.
  • Useful add-ons for your CMS
  • Use this tool directly from your CMS with our available add-ons. All your images will be automatically optimized on upload or manually with bulk optimization.
  • Optimize, whatever technologie you use
  • A complete, easy-to-use and well-documented API enables you to use all the power of this tool in your application.
  • Optimize your JPGs, PNGs, PDFs & GIFs
  • We compress the most common image formats as well as PDF format. For free accounts the max upload size of any one image is 2MB. There is no max upload size limit for paid accounts.
  • Resize your images on the fly
  • Resize your images in our online app or from your CMS to integrate them at their ideal size. You can specify a height, a width to respect, or more simply, a percentage.
  • Don’t get lost in dozens of settings
  • Ease of use is important to us : our services are simple and Imagify is no exception. Do not waste your time resizing and optimizing your images in Photoshop.

What can Imagify do for you?

  • Optimize your website
    Images can account for 50% of your loading time. By compressing them you will quickly gain precious seconds.
  • Increase user engagement
    A fast web page encourgages your visitors to stay on your website and to keep on browsing. Offer them an ultra­fast experience!
  • Increase your traffic
    Search engine robots will have less difficulty crawling your website. Consequently you will improve your SEO and become more visible.
  • Watch your conversions rise
    With more visitors and more engagement you will naturally have more subscribers and more sales!

Who should use Imagify?

  • Imagify wordpress best for photographers, bloggers, e-commerce websites, marketing agencies, and many other businesses. Because it can significantly improve website performance by optimizing images without compromising their quality. This can help keep users’ attention and improve conversions. Additionally, Imagify’s ability to reduce image size by up to 80% can also help save money on CDN costs.
  • The tool is also efficient, fast, and has a bulk optimizing feature that puts minimum load on the server, which is especially important for those using shared hosting. Furthermore, Imagify’s ability to restore images if the compression level is too much is another attractive feature that reduces the stress of image optimization. Overall, this tool is a must-have tool for anyone looking for fast, efficient, and high-quality image optimization for their WordPress website.

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